Identifying Forced And Fake Twitter Trends Using R

Fake Twitter Trends in R - Feature Image

Twitter has become a toxic place. There, I said it. It is no longer the fun and happy place it used to be a few years back, certainly not in India. It is now full of trolls, rude and nasty people, politicians and companies busy trying to sell their products or spreading propaganda – manipulating people’s opinion using fake Twitter trends and tweets.

But I still love Twitter. Partly because it is not Facebook (that’s a good enough reason). However it pains me see the negativity every time I visit it. As a user, it appears that the Twitter team isn’t moving fast and hard enough to eliminate the problem of trolls and propaganda. So I decided to approach this problem on my own, doing what I do best – data analysis. In this post, I use the Twitter data to perform a basic data analysis in R to analyze a very specific part of the problem – unnaturally trending hashtags and trends (or as others call them – fake Twitter trends)

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