Instagram Hashtag Analysis In Python

Instagram Hashtag Analysis Python - Feature Image

Not many people know this but apart from being a data analyst, I am an artist too. This means that I regularly create art and post it on my Instagram account. Making art, just like doing an analysis, takes a lot of time and effort. And it makes me sad when I’m not able to get enough social validation in the form of likes, comments or new followers on my posts.

So I keep trying out different methods to increase my following and post engagement. One of the methods I use is to include relevant Instagram hashtags in my posts. But the biggest struggle is finding the most relevant hashtags for a particular post. How do I know if the hashtags I’m using are effective enough or not? Therefore I decided to tackle this problem doing what I do best (apart from making art!) – I decided to write a Python code for doing my own Instagram hashtag analysis!

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