Ayush Kumar - EverydayPlotsHello, I’m Ayush Kumar, a data visualization consultant and founder of EverydayPlots.

I help businesses and individuals take better decisions via effective data visualization. I also enable other analysts to do the same by training them on various data visualization techniques and tools like Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Python and Microsoft Excel.

I have spent the last 7+ years working with data and analytics for a lot of companies and clients, big and small. Now, I’ve started EverydayPlots to share my knowledge and experience with the world in the following ways:

  • In-depth data analysis and visualization posts using public data
  • How-to posts on my favorite tools (Python / Power BI / Excel)
  • How-to videos on my favorite tools (Python / Power BI / Excel)
  • Paid courses on topics related to data analytics

All this is being done in my personal time. All my codes and posts are free to share and use however you like (just drop me a message and link back to this website!).

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… Or contact me if you have something to say. See you around!