Hi there, I’m Ayush Kumar, the author and analyst at EverydayPlots.com. I’m an analytics consultant from New Delhi, India. I have been helping people and organizations take better business decisions using data and analytics for the last 5+ years.

I’ve been a part of a diverse range of companies and projects – from 10 people startups to 100K+ employee-public firms. I’ve done analytics projects across industries like e-commerce, retail, banking and mobile apps. I’ve also invested heavily to keep my skills and education up to date. (My LinkedIn)

Now, I’ve started EverydayPlots to share my knowledge and experience with the world in the form of analysis blogs posts of real-world questions and problems. I find it very exciting to analyse publicly available data and satisfy my own (and others’) curiosity along the way.

I believe in quality over quantity and usually take around 2 weeks to publish an analysis post. All this is being done in my personal time. Also – all my codes and posts are free to share and use however you like (just drop me a message and link back to this website!). Therefore, if you think the content I’m creating is valuable, please consider donating and supporting me via this link.

Follow me on Twitter and contact me if you have something to say. Thanks for visiting my blog!